The language of light. Interviews with Spanish directors of photography.
1994 | HEREDERO, Carlos F.

The language of light. Interviews with Spanish directors of photography.

"The language of light" is a collection of 14 interviews - each a conversation with a director of photography, chosen among those first-rank professionals that dominate the image of the Spanish cinema of the mid 1990's.

This book is essentially about cinematographic photography. It contains didactic approaches for explaining the secrets of the profession and its most elementary fundaments. At the same time, it penetrates the surface and reveals the technical and artistic contribution of the directors of photography for the development and evolution of the Spanish cinema.

The conversations enter the professional and creative universe of the interviewed cinematographers and present an x-ray-photograph of their working methods, demonstrate the ways in which they interact with the directors, show their impact on the processes of planning, shooting and post-production. The book takes a look at the mayor films of these cinematographers, examines their aesthetic conceptions and starts an interesting professional debate about the utilization of different formats, lenses, techniques and instruments that are part of the expressive arsenal with which these men give live to cinematographic fictions.

Javier Aguirresarobe
Jose Luis Alcaine
Juan Amoros
Fernando Arribas
Hans Burmann
Teo Escamilla
Angel Luis Fernandez
Gerardo Gormezano
Carles Gusi
Jose Luis Lopez Linares
Alfredo Mayo
Jaume Peracaula
Juan Ruiz Anchia
Carlos Suarez