Language in Short Film

The Language in Short program is a program of European short films in original version, dedicated to foreign language students of of Secondary, Baccalaureate or Language Schools. English and French are the two blocks of short films that are shown with subtitles in the same language as the original of the short film.

Circumstances oblige and ALCINE 2020 (limited edition) Alcalá de Henares / Province of Madrid Film Festival arrives at its next edition with news. One of the most notable changes has been experienced by the educational sections of ALCINE. Unlike previous years, and due to COVID, for the first time it will not be schoolchildren and students who come to the different spaces where the informative sections that are destined for them are usually held.

Exceptionally, it will be the festival that brings the sessions to the classrooms. Thus, via 'streaming' the centers and students will be able to follow their programming of shorts from their own classes.

Minimizing contacts and avoiding possible contagions is the reason for this measure, which, however, will maintain its usual programming, the didactic guide for Cinema and teens, etc. Streaming is the theme of this edition because of the role it is taking in the current film scene, but also because of the way in which, to a large extent, we will be able to enjoy this edition scheduled in Alcalá de Henares from November 6 to 13.

We offer you a programme of short films in French and a programme in English through an online platform to screen them in the classroom. If you are interested in receiving them, sign up through the following form!

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