The stage designer of cinema: Enrique Alarcon
1984 | LINARES, Andrés

The stage designer of cinema: Enrique Alarcon

"... but Enrique Alarcón is a survivor of that cinematographic era that only lacked the blast of liberty to become the best in Europe. With his delicate smile, his ravenous appetite, his fundamentalism stemming from the Mancha; after all those years, films, awards, personal strokes of fate that have left their traces, he is here with me, with us, reconstructing in part his own nostalgia of an Ebro soldier, projecting trenches where we want to place republicans, nationals and other losers of a war that we are reconstructing precisely in order to generate hope.

Let the pages of this book serve as a possibility to discover and correct one of the greatest omissions in our cinematographic history and let Enrique Alarcón continue to demonstrate everyday what was and will return to be a great and beautiful profession."

Excerpt of the prologue by Luis G. Berlanga