The taviani brothers
| V V. A A.

The taviani brothers

Edición Fernando Monje y Luis Alberto Cabrera.
The reader of the texts that have been collected here will encounter an almost purely theoretical, intentional and interpretative character in all of them. The Taviani brothers only seldom talk of style, schedules, shootings, actors or producers. Systematically using abstract concepts, the Tavianis conceive their films as answers to historic- political phenomenona and each and every one of their characters is exemplary in a certain sense (positive or negative) just as each of their characters' gestures are exemplary and transcend the individual personality to become characteristic for a representative personality.

The cinema of the Tavianis is fundamentally critical - yet, not only critical in regard to the world (like the left wing cinema and a good part of the right wing cinema), but also in regard to itself - because it is reflexive and self-analytical. The Tavianis not only believe in theories and theorize in their interviews - which, after all, is quite common - they also theorize in their films, not even afraid of using explicit, sometimes even extreme didactical methods (Voice off, obvious symbolism).