Words, stories, images, interviews with contemporary Spanish screen writers
1999 | RIAMBAU, Esteve y TORREIRO, Mirito

Words, stories, images, interviews with contemporary Spanish screen writers

As a crucial part of cinematographic creation, the script has occupied a relevant position within the Spanish film history. Having been revalued in recent years and coinciding with the decline of the "cine de auteur", the screen writer has ceased to be an "occult man" and has began to step into the light and benefit from a certain public recognition.

Words, Stories, Images contains 14 original interviews in which 16 active script writers of the Spanish cinema talk about their work. The origins in the profession, the methods of writing, their relation to the directors, the dependencies upon genre concepts and different narrative models and the characteristics of their most relevant films are some of the topics in these conversations with men and women who write on paper but always think in images. The list of testimonies collected in this book doesn't represent everyone there ever was, but everyone there is now.

The individual profiles of the interviewed script writers respond to very diverse topologies and even to different generations but, as a whole, also define a landscape in which it is not difficult to identify some of the features of the contemporary Spanish cinema - via the stories and fictions as well as via the environment that sustains them.

Interviews with:
Álvaro del Amo
Cuca Canals
José Ángel Esteban
Carlos López
Yolanda García Serrano
Juan Luis Iborra
Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Gustau Hernández
Luis Marías
Manuel Marinero
Manuel Matji
Joaquín Oristrell
Carlos Pérez Merinero
Joan Potau
Lola Salvador
Horacio Valcárce